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Only in Costa Brava provides Costa Brava Hotel and Accommodation recommendations, along with advice on where to book Costa Brava hotels to find the best prices. We include recommendations for the best Costa Brava beach hotels, Costa Brava camping sites, and Emporda wine hotel reviews.

There are Costa Brava Accommodations at every price point, for budget and value holiday travelers, to luxury villas for a family holiday in Catalonia. There are hotels with Michelin Star restaurants, or luxury hotels perfect for a Costa Brava gold holiday.

We round up the best beach hotels Costa Brava offers, from historic properties to contemporary boutique hotels. There are a lot of Costa Brava accommodations options, but these tried and true hotel properties, from the north to the south, and a good place to begin (or end), any stay in the Costa Brava.

There is no better place to find reviews of some of the top Costa Brava hotels to plan the perfect Costa Brava holiday.

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Many travelers to the Costa Brava start or end their journey in Girona, and it’s no wonder. Here, we provide recommendations for some of the best Girona hotels. Girona does not offer a lot of chain hotels. Instead, boutique hotels and vacation rentals are the norms. Because it can be hard to find the perfect […]