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Only in Costa Brava is the go-to travel resource for reviews of some of the top Costa Brava restaurants, from Michelin Star restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca, to simple seaside fish restaurants.

In only a few days in Costa Brava it’s not uncommon to find yourself eating a traditional seafood stew, prepared similarly to how fishermen prepared their meals along the coast, generations ago. The following day, it’s possible to dine on a multi-course meal inspired by a combination of both molecular gastronomy and local ingredients. Then, enjoy an amazing entrepan, or sandwich, in a dark bar, with casino machines clinking in the background. Chances are that entrepan is prepared with freshly baked bread, locally cured meats, sliced pork, and garlic aioli. This is all possible because the range of dining experiences along the Costa Brava is rivaled by few other destinations.

There are Costa Brava restaurants for every budget, and for every type of traveler, from high-end gastronomy to tapas and sandwiches, to everything in between.