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The Costa Brava wine industry is a gem. The DO Empordà wine region is one that is steeped in history, much of it sad and filled with challenges. But, in recent years, the region has experienced something of a wine renaissance. The wine itself takes on the characteristics of the Costa Brava — the sea, the mountains, and the winds. But, the people behind the wine continue to persevere to create a virtually untapped market ready for exploration by intrepid wine tourists.

The wine is characterized by its proximity to the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees mountains, which separate Spain from France. There is low rainfall, a lot of warm sun, and the Tramuntana winds, a fierce wind that comes in from the north throughout the year, and provides the Empordà wine varietals with a lot of their character.

The Empordà has a lot of the same characteristics as other wine producing regions around the world. Similar to Argentina, the wine tradition was kept alive because of the church. Similar to Italy, Costa Brava wine has a strong sense of European tradition. Similar to Chile and other newer wine regions, there is a budding and growing interest in wine tourism.

But, there is something more. The winemakers are in a unique position to learn from and respect the history of wine making in the region, and they do. But, because the industry is still so new, they recognize the importance of modernization, experimentation, and marketing. 

The DO Empordà is more than just a European classification. If you ask any winemaker in the region to describe what Costa Brava wine means, they respond with one word: tramuntana.